Introducing Damon


My title is Senior Back End Developer. This basically covers all the technical stuff about web systems that you can’t see.


I have a knack for being able to find my way around the inner workings of most web systems and make them do what someone wants it to do. If it doesn’t work, I can fix that too. That extends to databases, various well known content management systems and frameworks, as well as straight up coding from scratch. I have covered an extensive range of different systems over the years and have little problem picking up new ones that I haven’t looked at before. 


My life seems to revolve around extreme heavy metal and gigging, being tattooed, a love of Laurel and Hardy, online gaming and comics (especially Harley Quinn). I also count quite a large number of pole dancers amongst my friends.  

So What's Damon Been Up To?

I've worked on a huge number of projects since I've been here. Here are just a few of my favourites

The Rest Of The Team

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