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7 ways a Prezi can improve your business

You might have heard of Prezi by now. Being quite a fan of Prezi myself, it has been featured a couple of times in my blog posts.

It is a presentation tool that sets the presenter apart from your typical ‘PowerPointer’. Prezi uses a zooming user interface (ZUI, pronounced zoo-ee), which is a graphical environment where users can change the scale of the viewed area in order to see more or less detail depending on their preference. Prezi gives the illusion of an infinite virtual ‘canvas’ allowing users to pan or zoom across the canvas to their hearts’ content, similar to how you might use an iPhone.

Since the uptake of Prezi, users have created millions of presentations across the world. But did you know that you can use Prezi in many more ways than just for your standard presentation?

I’ve put together my top tips for using Prezi for different touch points throughout your business and provided examples of some of the Prezis we have done for our clients.

The ‘Sales Aid’ Prezi

This is the most common use for Prezi in business. It’s great because you can be more creative with your brand and bring to life the story you want to tell in a way that PowerPoint simply cannot. Prezi has created an iOS app so that you can load your Prezis onto your iPhone and iPad and present offline.

The Prezi for ‘Social Media’

Prezi makes it easy to share your presentations online really quickly. In fact, it makes for interesting and engaging content that your competitors are unlikely to use. Win win.

The ‘Internal Comms’ Prezi

Quite often, when a change in the business is communicated an email will do. But when a fundamental change requires an explanation and staff buy-in, a Prezi is a great way of engaging and inspiring your staff from the start. A little bit of creativity can go a long way!

The ‘Collaborative’ Prezi

Presentations at Factor 3 are rarely created and presented by one person, without input from anyone else in the agency. The culture here is collaborative; and Prezi has a fantastic collaboration feature that allows multiple users to edit a single presentation at the same time. Great when you need to pull a big presentation together and each manager has their own set of figures and points to present.

The ‘Corporate Video Alternative’ Prezi

Anyone who has ever had to create a corporate video for their homepage will know that the painstaking task of storyboarding, creative, shooting and editing can be time consuming at the best of times. And what if the CEO doesn’t like something after your budget is used up and the editing suite has packaged up your video? Hair. Falls. Out. But with Prezi, editing is fairly easy and pain free.

AF Corporate Prezi

The AF Corporate Prezi has been used as engaging content for AF’s stand at the Paperworld trade show and social media activity.

The Prezi ‘Template’

Most companies have branded PowerPoint templates. Our clients have branded Prezi templates. A full suite of branded assets and icons have been created to suit their brand, which are individual to them, coupled with all their own branded colour values and fonts included within the canvas. We have even created a set of Prezi brand guidelines so that when users come to use the template, every presentation made by any user is consistent and on-brand.

The Prezi that ‘Pitches’

Agencies love Prezi when pitching for new business. It allows the agency yet another avenue to show off their creativity and Factor 3 is no different! Sadly I can’t show you our Pitch Prezis (trade secrets you know) so you will just have to take our word for it!

Have you used Prezi in any other way?

If you are interested in Factor 3 creating a Prezi for you, get in touch!

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