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According to Apple there are over half a million apps currently available to buy. Half a million! I’ve got 81 on my iPhone, so I’ve got a bit of a way to go before I can collect them all, Panini Sticker Book style.

Of the 81, I probably use about 10 daily, with another dozen getting the occasional outing (the Domino’s Pizza App mainly if I’m honest) and then the remaining 61 earnestly shine out at me but without ever really being opened.

The usual suspects getting a daily outing are Twitter (Chris Addison, I love you), Facebook (whose birthday have I forgotten), Mail Online (if my Gran was editor of HEAT Magazine,this is what it would be like – slightly bigoted, judgemental and full of gossip), BBC News, Tune In Radio (so I can take Chris Moyles around the house with me), Weather (what shall I wear today??), Clock (for alarm setting), Email,Text messaging and Calendar (client meeting/smart or jeans). Occasionally I also use it to telephone people.Sometimes I wonder how entertaining or useful they actually are – or are they mere distractions to delay me getting ready in the morning or something to do while a friend pops to the loo in a pub?

What I could really do with are Apps that would make my job as an account handler easier.

Of those 500,000, I’ve searched for Apps which I think would be invaluable agency tools and for which I’d be happy to pay; but so far the Apps I want don’t seem to exist. Ideally I’d like to have the following:

Budget App. The agency has developed an amazing creative idea but it’s a bit over budget. This App would allow the idea to be rated against the brief and the budget increased incrementally.

Proof Reading App. After you’ve read the same pieces of copy looking for typos and checking amends, the words start jumbling making it difficult to proof. But not with my new Proof Reading App – simply photograph the page and the App will check it for you. Easy.

Time Boost App. Sometimes you’re so busy attending meetings that you don’t actually get the time to action the work you’ve picked up at those meetings. The Time App would give you an extra hour between meetings to finish a brief, prepare a proposal or use your Proof Reading App to check visuals.

Billing App. For any account handler who experiences the monthly steely glare of the Finance Manager this App will scan your emails and automatically generate accurate invoices. On time.

Mind Reading App. Not just for the office, this one.

So if there are any developers out there who’d like to collaborate on creating these and any others you think could be helpful additions, please do get in touch.

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