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The creative struggle

Our Creative Director, Adrian Crane's Creative Struggle

What is it with ideas? They are such precious things and yet it’s incredibly difficult to isolate their moment of creation. What forces fused together to reach that point where known facts become new thoughts. Where the eye, brain, hand and imagination combine to ‘defeat habit by originality’ as Arthur Koestler defined creativity. In my […]

We’ve won a Construction Marketing Award

Construction Marketing Awards 2014 Highly Commended logo

We’re delighted to have picked up a Highly Commended trophy in the 2014 Construction Marketing Awards. Read more about our now award winning campaign for Hepworth Clay in Mike’s blog post. Congratulations to the @HepworthClay @Factor3Tweets team for winning a Highly commended at the #cma14 — Wavin UK (@WavinUK) December 3, 2014

When words fail you…try Scrabble!

An image of a scrabble board and letter tiles that spell out "When words fail you"

Creating names for products and brands has always been a creative challenge but is now an increasingly fraught undertaking. Each eureka moment is often strangled in the throat by a rising sigh of disappointment as a quick search on 123 Reg reveals your carefully crafted new moniker has already been’ed and’ed. What was […]

Localism: Coming to Cheltenham and a town near you

Businessman with hand pressing virtual social media button

Funny isn’t it how ideas and thoughts that appear random can coalesce to form a new strand of thinking. It began with a feature piece from the Sunday Times on the plight of the middle class, edited extract of which follows. If we need an economy that actively supports comfortable, secure, independent lives for the […]

The Inbetweeners

the inbetweeners

Wow but this fence is an uncomfortable place to sit. But it’s here that I find myself and inspired to write this short blog by, of all people Joanna Lumley. Let me explain. I saw the fragrant Ms Lumley at the Cheltenham Literature Festival and she recounted how she often passes people on the street, […]

Is copywriting still making the headlines?

is copywriting still make the headlines?

Does anybody read copy anymore? Apparently our collective attention spans are now so short that we can barely make it to the end of … And yet you’re still here reading and I’m still writing. Why? It’s not like you haven’t got other things to do. Those invaluable Linked-In connections won’t make themselves you know. […]

The power of creativity

the power of creativity

Strange stuff creativity. It’s a uniquely human itch to seek new ways to see things, express things, change things and invent things. At my own humble level, I’m still pathetically excited when we give birth to a new idea. Our latest ad for new client AF International (makers of a range of specialist office cleaning […]

Painting Brand Pictures

painting brand pictures

In any brand defining session it always seems a quick win to compare the brand in question to a car, a supermarket, occasionally a celebrity and once, honestly, a biscuit (turned out to be a jammy dodger since you ask). You know the kind of thing, we’re definitely the Volvo of our world – a […]

Creativity in a changing world

creativity in a changing world

There is a theory that as the accuracy of targeting increases the demand for creativity will diminish. Once you can deliver the right message to the right place at the right time in the right way (Adrian, we noticed you bought this, so we recommend this), you don’t need the cut-through and engagement a great […]

Dumbing up

dumbing up

Is it just me or is the effluent tide of lowest common denominator tripe that passes for entertainment and culture slowing and even beginning to flow back the other way? OK, so we’ve still got OK and ‘I’m a nonentity let me in there’ still gets a dribble of water cooler time, but elsewhere hope […]