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Being a mobile-centric brand: the latest challenge in engagement and how to tackle it

mobile-centric brand: the latest challenge in engagement and how to tackle it.

A recent global report launched by TNS stated that having a mobile site is not enough to keep up with mobile-centric consumers. And by mobile-centric consumers I don’t mean those hip young things that are glued to their iPhones and press door bells with their thumbs. I am talking about the true meaning of mobile-first. […]

Can real time marketing bite you on the backside?

He did it again, that Luis Suarez. This time it was Chiellini that took the bite. Don’t get me started on how disgraceful it was the first two times, let alone subsequently winning football player of the year and now he is at it again at the world cup. This type of incident is an […]

Cheltenham Design Festival: Factor 3’s take.

The Cheltenham Design Festival Logo 2014 #DesignCan

I went to see ‘When did Advertising become such a dirty word?’ with Laura Jordan Bambach, at the Cheltenham Design Festival. When I booked the tickets I was expecting a defence to the too often asked question ‘Why do you work in advertising? It makes women feel bad about themselves.’ I work in this industry […]

7 ways a Prezi can improve your business

Prezi logo

You might have heard of Prezi by now. Being quite a fan of Prezi myself, it has been featured a couple of times in my blog posts. It is a presentation tool that sets the presenter apart from your typical ‘PowerPointer’. Prezi uses a zooming user interface (ZUI, pronounced zoo-ee), which is a graphical environment […]

Work experience as an Account Executive [Infographic]

a year in the life of gemma featured image

It suddenly dawned on me that out of everyone we have given work experience to in the time that I have been here (15 months to be precise), only two people applied to work in client servicing. The drive is always towards the studio; art direction or copywriting. I can’t blame them, creativity is alluring. […]

Prezi – our approach as Prezi experts

our approach to Prezi

We have all been there… sat through a PowerPoint presentation wishing it was over, whilst the poor presenter works their way through a million slides. At Factor 3 we call this ‘death by PowerPoint’. But now there is a shiny new presentation tool that allows you to go off on a tangent, visually stimulate your […]

Hello, from the Prezi agency

Prezi presentation

Prezi has arrived at Orange Towers (Factor 3, the Prezi agency) and we are excited to say that our clients are seeing the benefits of being led down the Prezi path due to the clever work of our Prezi experts. Take a look at the video below to see what can be done using a […]

Behavioural Economics vs Market Research

Behavioural economics vs Market research

There has been a lot of talk over the years in the agency sphere about the relevance of behavioural economics and market research. Which is best and how does Factor 3 do it? Behavioural Economics (BE) BE examines purchasing activity through an understanding of the cognitive, emotional and social factors behind a decision to purchase. […]

Cheltenham Design Festival 2013: Our thoughts

A photograph taken at the Cheltenham design festival

Factor 3 have started a new tradition in attending the Cheltenham Design Festival. Two years on the trot is technically a tradition you know! So this year we thought we would crank it up a notch and send a few members of staff who work in both account handling and creative team to scope out […]

Factor 3’s Class of 2012

an image of the Factor 3 school crest

We like to do things differently here at Factor 3. So when it came to our staff Christmas party, there was no exception. Who needs Christmas decorations when you could go back to school? Who needs a Christmas dinner when you could have school lunches? And who needs to get dressed up in your fanciest […]