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The Resurgence of DM

An image of recent DM that was created by Factor 3 for Wavin's Experts with Water Campaign

No, I’m not talking about your two-a-penny, wafer thin sheets of shiny paper, which get turfed into the recycling bin en masse each morning without even so much as an indirect glance (God, no); I’m talking about a decent mailer with production values and targeting served up in equal measure. So, which is more effective: […]

Hepworth Clay campaign shortlisted for Construction Marketing Award

We’ve just received the fantastic news that our campaign to relaunch the Hepworth Clay brand, for our client Wavin, has been shortlisted as a finalist for this year’s Construction Marketing Awards in the ‘Best Branding & Positioning’ category. With entries for the awards up 25% year-on-year, it’s a really great achievement to be shortlisted and […]

Mobile misnomer?

A photo of Mike Rice using his mobile first

Like most people in the world, I have a mobile phone. Mine’s a company-issue iPhone 5 (very nice, too). This week, in relation to one particular project that’s specifically looking to engage a mobile audience, we’ve been talking quite a lot about ‘mobile first’ – a web design philosophy where you cater for the smallest […]

The promise we make to every client

An image describing Factor 3's brand proposition which is "winning made more fun"

If you’ve ever worked or met with us, you’ll know that we’re pretty relentless in our belief that ‘a brand is a promise consistently delivered’. Let’s call you Company X. If you’re out there confusing customers with inconsistent service (that doesn’t necessarily mean bad service), they won’t know what you really stand for or offer […]

How to judge creative ideas and why it’s so important

How to judge creative ideas and why it's so important

Judging creative ideas in 10 steps from Factor 3 Communications We’re a proud IPA member-agency because it represents real value for us and our clients in terms of the excellent resources and services that we can tap into as part of our membership. I’ve blogged before about their fantastic ‘best practice guides’ and so I […]

How to produce killer online video and reap the benefits

an image showing Fergus, the factor 3 company mascot in his own video

The power of online video on websites Video is a great tool to engage your audience visually and aurally, especially online. In fact “Last year online video was the fastest growing ad platform, boasting nearly a 55% growth.” (eMarketer: March 2012) If you’re the sort of person who needs proof – hard facts and figures […]

4 tips to deliver the marketing brief your agency wants

4 tips to deliver the marketing brief your agency wants

Using an external agency can be an expensive business, so you want to make sure you’re getting the absolute best creative product out of them in terms of quality, accuracy, effectiveness, etc. However, it doesn’t matter who the agency is or how good they are, it’s impossible for them to work in a vacuum. You […]

Demonstrable brand building results

demonstrable brand building results

We’ve recently completed work on a new brand strategy for Interserve – a FTSE 250 company with global turnover of £1.9 billion in the support services and construction industries – after nine months’ effort, blood, sweat and tears! A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to attend their Leadership Conference (top 500 people across […]

A job to talk

an image saying a job to talk

I spoke this week at a sixth form careers day for one of our new clients, Cheltenham College. It was really interesting to challenge myself about what it’s like to work in this industry, what’s good about it, what’s bad about it, what attributes you need and the rollercoaster journey that I’ve been on so […]

Are you a diagonal thinker?

Are you a diagonal thinker? Featured blog post image.

‘What on earth is diagonal thinking?’ is probably the first question that springs to mind. Have you ever wondered what makes agencies so good at what they do? How they understand your brand and cut through the clutter, possessing the happy knack of seeing the wood for the trees and providing that crucial direction? Well, […]