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WW1 100th Anniversary – Inspirational and Awe-inspiring

A photo of War Horse at the Tower of London commemorating the WW1 100th Anniversary

2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War – hoped to be “the war to end all wars” …but sadly not the case. Since its creation following the First World War, the Royal British Legion has worked tirelessly to ensure that the memory of those who have given their lives […]

What makes you ‘click’? Make your CTA effective.

An email landed in my inbox last week from holiday company Trailfinders. I’m on their mailing list, so I receive regular communications from them. There was nothing different about this email compared to others which they’ve sent me in the past, so I had a quick glance through and was about to press delete when […]

Simple but effective advertising

When you’re winding down on holiday…thoughts of work are usually a million miles away – in the nicest possible way of course. But on a recent holiday to Sri Lanka the advertising world was right there front and centre everywhere we went. Within a few days of arriving, my friend commented “What’s with these Munchee […]

My top 3 blogs…(not including ours of course!)

An image showing the dictionary's definition of a blog

Blogging…love it or hate it, it’s a great way for companies to share useful (and sometimes not so useful) information about their products, industry or even just about what interests them. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do well…so hats off to those that manage to achieve that balance of useful, interesting […]

Book review: The Better Mousetrap

The Better Mousetrap by Simon Pont

I read a lot…admitted mainly fiction. Nothing appeals to me more than sitting out in the garden on a lovely summer afternoon with a good book and a glass of something fizzy! When it comes to work-related reading the appeal is not always quite so strong. However, once in a while a book comes along […]

Love it or Hate it – The new Marmite TV ad?

an image showing a jar of marmite and asking the question whether you love or hate the controversial marmite tv ad.

The new Marmite TV ad launched at the start of this week and who could have predicted the uproar and controversy it would cause.  Based around the idea of a spoof animal welfare team going around the country rescuing and re-homing neglected jars of Marmite, the ad appears to have Marmite fans divided – you […]

Social media education for kids

Happy girl shows screen of Tablet with thumb up icon

A friend of mine recently commented that she’s not looking forward to her daughters becoming teenagers and fully embracing the big, bad world of social media. My friend is not (currently) active on any social media networks. It’s not a world she’s familiar with and combined with what she’s read in the newspapers, she feels […]

Top tips for internal communications

top tips for internal communicaTIONS

Here at Factor 3 the majority of internal communications are delivered face to face either informally during cakes on a Friday or formally at our monthly staff meeting. On the odd occasion, when a really important piece of news has to be shared an additional (usually last minute) staff meeting is arranged. Emails are used […]

Walking the talk

walk the talk

We all understand the definition of a brand as being ‘a promise consistently delivered’. But the real proof of whether that promise is being consistently delivered lies in the day-to-day experiences and interactions that a customer has with that brand. Companies invest £millions to make sure that their messaging and image to external audiences is […]

Factor 3 Girls v Cancer

Factor 3 girls run the race for life

July 1st 2012 will see the Factor3 girls (Cathy, Vic, Prabha, Alice, Kay and Amanda) running /walking 5k at Cheltenham Racecourse in support of Cancer Research UK. Following a slightly hesitant start – the girls have entered into the spirit of the event whole heartedly…debating questions such as: should we walk or run? (answer: half […]