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Cake day – every company should have one…

Here at Factor 3, we love Fridays – not just because it’s almost the start of the weekend. No far more importantly we love Fridays, because every Friday is cake day!

Our cake day obsession starts at around 4pm every Thursday when someone, somewhere in the building is guaranteed to make the comment “who’s on cakes tomorrow?” From thereon in the cake monster is unleashed and the poor victim will get bombarded with questions guaranteed to be along the lines of:

• “Are you baking or buying?”
• “What are you planning on baking/buying?”
• “Will you be going savoury or sweet – or both?”

As you may have gathered some bake and some buy… but the reality is that we don’t really care as long as there is some form of edible delight on offer.

At around 10.30am, as soon as the ‘cakes are ready’ email has gone round, we all gather in the staff room, eat cake, drink tea and catch up on the week’s events and any good Factor3 gossip.

Some creations have proved so popular that they’ve gone on to win the ‘Best Friday Cakes’ category in the Factor3 Annual Awards Ceremony – Mrs Akerman’s Cheesy Swirls and Nick’s Polish Grandmother’s Apple Cake to name just two of our all-time favourites.

So for those of you who fancy giving it a go, here’s one of our favourite recipes to get you going:

Sticky plum flapjack bars


• 450g fresh plums, stoned, quartered
• ½ teaspoon mixed spice
• 300g brown sugar
• 350g butter
• 300g porridge oats
• 140g plain flour
• 50g chopped nuts
• 3 tablespoons golden syrup


• Heat oven to 180. Tip plums into a bowl. Toss with the spice, 50g of the sugar, small pinch of salt and leave to macerate.
• Melt butter
• In large bowl mix together the oats, flour nuts and remaining sugar.
• Stir in melted butter and syrup until all combined
• Grease a 30cm x 20cm baking tin
• Press half oaty mix over base, tip the plums on top and spread evenly
• Press remaining oaty mix over the plums so that they are completely covered.
• Bake for 40-50 mins until dark golden and starting to crisp around the edges.
• Leave to cool, then cut into bars
• Keep in airtight box for up to 2 days or can be frozen for up to a month.

Happy baking!


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