Class field trip: Apple Colour - Factor 3

Class field trip: Apple Colour

Here at Factor 3 we send files off to print on a weekly basis, you might think this is a simple tap of the send button and boom 7 days* later the client receives their print! But it’s a little more complex than that.

To make sure we are always at the top of our game we asked the guys at Apple Colour if they’d mind showing us around their print works and passing on any industry advice to make certain that we are fully up to date with all there is to know about the world of litho & digital printing.

They gave us tea, coffee, fed us biscuits and answered all of our questions, of which there were many (as we are a very inquisitive bunch). Thanks to Murray and team for a really educational morning!

* print turnaround subject to individual job specification!

Music: “Okie Dokie” by Kurobear, from the Free Music Archive

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