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Cream with our copy

In 15 years Factor 3 has never won an award for its creative work.

Now before you start feeling sorry for us I should explain that this has everything to do with the fact that we haven’t ever entered ourselves in for any, rather than a reflection of our work.

Frankly we’ve been too busy producing great creative for our clients and if I’m completely honest, we’re really not that sort of agency.

Our New Business Manager Margaret however, had other ideas when she joined. After a bit of persuading we decided to dip our toes into the awards water with Cream Award entry for copywriting.

The Cream Awards is all about celebrating and rewarding creativity in the Midlands, East, South West and Wales and so competition is pretty stiff.

On 31 August we found out that we’d been shortlisted and so the countdown to the ceremony at The Jam House in Birmingham on 23 November began. In the meantime the questions started. Who should go and collect it (if we won of course)? Would we invite the client? What if we didn’t win, we’d feel pretty silly standing next to the client with another agency holding our award aloft. What would we wear? (Okay, that was just me). In the end it was me and our production manager that trolled up to Birmingham on a rainy night in November full of expectation and excitement.

Surrounded by the great and the really good, we settled our pre-award nerves with a couple of cheeky glasses of wine and, surrounded by waves of Movember supporters, we waited.

To be honest, I could see we’d won bronze about half an hour before our name got called out as my eyesight isn’t bad and I could see our name etched on the glass, but that didn’t detract from the anticipation of waiting to be called up. And when it did I can honestly say that it was a very proud moment for me to collect the first (of many, hopefully) awards for Factor 3.


Not sure how many of the awards given out that night actually made it back to their respective agencies given they were made of glass, the evening was young and there was still a lot of celebrating to do….

Ours is fully intact and sitting proudly in reception.


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