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Creative work experience at Factor 3

I have three passions in my life: travel, music and creativity.

So upon arriving at Factor 3 for the start of our weeks work placement, I was more than happy to be set a brief to create an advertising campaign for a luxury travel company (for confidentiality reason we will refer to them as Travel Company X).

Travel Company X hold a variety of holiday opportunities ranging from exotic school trips to Egypt, to beautiful family holidays in a Greek villa, however we decided that that their unique selling point was the fact that they create bespoke holidays custom made just for you, by their specialist holiday planners.

Flicking through their range of brochures we saw images of wild animals, striking landscape and smiling indigenous people. Whilst a little jealous of the people who had experienced these destinations, we knew that realistically Travel Company X sells itself. After all, who doesn’t want to go on the trip of a lifetime?

Sam, my creative partner, and I decided that although the brochures are beautiful, mostly due to the abundance of images and testimonials, the website is lacking interactivity and is very text heavy. Both of which don’t attract the younger audience, which they are now targeting.

Next came the exciting part of letting our imagination take over on how to advertise Travel Company X to the younger audience in an interactive and more personable way. Having come up with a range of ideas, from the straight to the wacky, we had a WIP (Work In Process) meeting with Adrian, Creative Director.

‘Change your World,’ is the concept we decided to move on with. The core idea is that with Travel Company X they can transport you from your humdrum, gloomy, and routine life to an exotic destination teeming with nature and intrigue.

Travel Company X is very environmentally friendly with a ‘no paper’ ethos so we tried to incorporate this into our campaign, by rolling out our idea via viral, email, ambient, and an updated website. The tagline for our campaign is, ‘Transport yourself into another world,’ however the ‘transport’ bit is interchangeable with different verbs depending on the scenario.

For our viral, of which we created about five different scenarios, this consists of an everyday activity which concentrates on our character and then changes into an activity on holiday, such as trekking in the Amazonian rainforest or being on Safari in Namibia.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 15 08 06 (2)

Next we created an ambient piece, which consists of creating Bus, and Tube wraps. As you can see the Bus would be covered by a hidden paradise. The transformation can be continued on the inside, by covering the handrails with stickers of vine, to create a jungle vibe.

Finally, we created a world map showing visual representation of what there is to see and do in each country. For example, there is imagery of the Big 5 in South Africa, Cherry Blossom in Japan and Carnival dancers in Brazil.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 15 06 33 (2)

My personal highlight of the week was being able to sit in on a meeting between Factor 3 and the executives of Travel Company X, as it allowed us to see Adrian’s methods of interaction and also, directly working alongside the client. We also had the chance to personally show Travel Company X our ideas, although slightly terrifying, it was great to be able to show them what possible changes they could make.

As a pair of second year Advertising students, Factor 3 gave us an amazing opportunity to see the ‘behind the scenes’ working of an advertising agency, including contact with Creatives, Website Developers, Social Media Specialists and Clients.

As such, we have much to thank them for and would highly recommend other aspiring creatives to seek a placement with Factor 3.



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