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Creativity in a changing world

There is a theory that as the accuracy of targeting increases the demand for creativity will diminish.

Once you can deliver the right message to the right place at the right time in the right way (Adrian, we noticed you bought this, so we recommend this), you don’t need the cut-through and engagement a great idea can deliver. The medium is the message and generates its own impact.

Tish and tosh. Brand perceptions and purchasing behaviour will always rely on an increasingly complex matrix of influences, gleamed from a deep well of sources.

I still need to weigh up that tempting one-click purchase against what I know, feel and perceive about the brand owner. Creativity is and will remain the only way to cut through and implant those perceptions.

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Yes is the answer. Even if not directly, we can always point you in the right direction. But chances are that with our broad experience across the branding, digital and marketing spectrums, we can help you to win and make it fun along the way.

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