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The F3 Christmas sandwich review

Have you ever wondered which supermarket Christmas sandwich cuts the mustard (or the cranberry)? If so, wonder no more.

Here at Factor 3 lunch ranges from packed lunches, soup, smelly brocolli concoctions (thanks Karen), pub lunches and the good old shop bought sandwich. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves, or I’ve taken it upon the creative team to review, taste and critique five different supermarket sarnies, to find you the best Christmas sandwich around.

Each Christmas sandwich was judged on the following criteria:

  • Packaging (how well does it say ‘eat me?’)
  • Texture (do the sandwich elements work together to create an enjoyable experience for your mouth?)
  • Balance of flavours (is there enough sweet to the sour, mayonnaise to the mustard?)
  • Bread
  • And, overall general ‘yumminess’

And, for those of you that don’t wear ridiculously large wooly jumpers, I’ve thrown in a comparison of nutritional values, but hey, it’s Christmas…who cares?!

So, without further ado or waffling, look through the results and enjoy your walk to Waitrose.

A christmas sandwich review infographic

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