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Facebook competitions

If no one ‘likes’ you, then it’s time to embrace other techniques to get that Facebook page working harder.

A well run and well publicised contest or sweepstake is a fun and effective way to increase engagement and awareness of your company Facebook page.

A contest is a competition where the contestant is required to either upload a video, image or essay and will involve some type of judging or voting. A sweepstake is a competition that selects a winner at random from contestant’s entries.

To start with:

  1. Set yourself a budget, and remember that the budget you put aside for a Facebook competition doesn’t need to be big. Your prize will likely be the most expensive part of the competition (and the bigger the prize, the better the response, in general).
  2. Read and understand Facebook’s own promotion guidelines
  3. Define competition detail (prize, how to enter, closing date, T&C’s, etc, etc.)
  4. Identify a third party platform that allows you to build a customised Facebook tab to manage the competition entries
  5. Design and build your custom tab and entry mechanism (don’t forget to test it)
  6. Go live!
  7. Utilise all channels to advertise your contest or sweepstake: website, microsite, blog, email footers, Facebook page (obviously), online/offline newsletters, Twitter, other social media and Facebook ads
  8. Submit your competition to online competition directories (by doing this I increased our client’s sweepstake entries by 6000% in a week)

If you need any help creating a Facebook competition please get in touch!

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