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Factor 3’s Class of 2012

We like to do things differently here at Factor 3. So when it came to our staff Christmas party, there was no exception. Who needs Christmas decorations when you could go back to school? Who needs a Christmas dinner when you could have school lunches? And who needs to get dressed up in your fanciest attire when you could dress up in school uniform?

There were only three rules:

  1. All students must wear uniform
  2. All students must get drunk
  3. Actually there were only two… I’m still a little fuzzy on the rules.

We were set a number of lessons and games. Our geography lesson wasn’t as boring as I previously remembered. This lesson was a wine tasting game, of which most people didn’t use the bucket.

Our art class was quite funny. We all had to draw an elephant under the table. Considering that half of Factor 3 work in the studio, there were quite a few elephants that looked quite poorly.

Finally there was photo match. You can join in too. The task was to match the grown up (and I use that term loosely) to the pupil in the photograph. See if you can guess them all.

an image showing factor 3 personnel's school photos


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