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Hepworth Clay campaign shortlisted for Construction Marketing Award

We’ve just received the fantastic news that our campaign to relaunch the Hepworth Clay brand, for our client Wavin, has been shortlisted as a finalist for this year’s Construction Marketing Awards in the ‘Best Branding & Positioning’ category. With entries for the awards up 25% year-on-year, it’s a really great achievement to be shortlisted and we’re suitably proud.

The campaign

The ‘rise of plastic’ in the world of underground drainage pipes had seen clay become a forgotten material. Suffering from an old-fashioned image – being seen as a dirty, heavy and impractical option – and thanks to poor sales support, Hepworth’s market share had declined dramatically.

Where the market saw a tired and outdated brand, we saw a forgotten classic in need of some long-overdue self-promotion; in ‘dirty’ we saw ‘sustainable’ and in ‘heavy’ we saw ‘strength’. The simple facts are that, with a number of superior product attributes – in particular its sustainability, strength and durability – clay is more than a match for plastic, given the appropriate project requirements.

Our distinctive campaign used clay’s archetypal colour (as mimicked by plastic substitutes) as an integral part of the design and, through a clever and provocative visual concept, majored on clay’s worthiness to be reconsidered as a viable alternative to plastic.

An image demonstrating what the old Hepworth Clay brand looked like in comparison to the new Hepworth Clay brand that Factor 3 has created.

View the rest of the work.

Great partnership, great results

It’s a brave campaign, and we’re fortunate (and delighted) that we had an equally brave client who backed us, and the campaign, all the way in what was a thoroughly joined up team effort between client and agency. So far, the campaign has delivered an ROI of 13.5 times the campaign investment, which is a just dessert for everyone involved.

Will we, won’t we?

Fingers crossed for the awards dinner at the Radisson Blu hotel on Portman Square in London on 3rd December. I’m just gutted that I’m going to miss out on the do because I’ll be in Prague with my wife (oops, did I just type that out loud?!). Watch this space to see if we come away with some shiny metal…

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