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Location, Location, Vocation

One piece of customer insight we gleaned while working on the C&G mortgage business was that people move home every five years, on average.

Clearly Factor 3 is not average – as if we needed to point it out – as we’re now celebrating our tenth anniversary of living here at our very own Royal House, in the centre of Cheltenham.

We’re spoilt; a beautiful period building centrally located with ample floor space and awash with off-road parking. The setting is so nice that Hotel du Vin decided to set-up opposite us and now, for most of us, commuting can, on a bad day, take up to 15 minutes.

Our clients seem to visibly relax when they visit us and the fact that they can, and do, park at Factor 3 whenever they want that shopping trip to Cheltenham is an added benefit you won’t find in the IPA Guide to Choosing an Agency.

But despite our privileged location, we’ve never succumbed to complacency. One of our clients commented recently that we provided “…all the benefits of a London agency with the very hand bonus that they’re not in London”. No pressure then.

As a result, we’ve seen substantially more clients walk in to Royal House than out of it, metaphorically speaking, and from all corners of the UK and beyond.

Outside of our four walls, Cheltenham itself has a vibrant creative culture with the recent Design Festival complementing the more established Jazz, Science, Music and Literature Festivals (N.B. does it strike anyone as sinister that Jazz itself isn’t included in the Musical Festival?), and from books to bookies the excitement and glamour of The Festival has to be experienced to be believed.

So, perhaps we’re not so much spoilt as fortunate in that, whilst Factor 3 as a company would strive to do the very best for its clients, it’s a darn sight more enjoyable doing it being overlooked by Hotel du Vin.

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