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McDonald’s “Great Tastes of America” TV campaign leaves me hungry for more

Really loving McDonald’s new “Great Tastes of America” TV campaign at the minute. A beautifully wry tone of voice and understated delivery ensure the key message – specific American-state-themed burgers – is simply delivered and squarely landed with the audience. You can just imagine the creative brief citing the dangers of American clichés potentially cheapening the campaign. Rather than avoid them, they have been embraced with a typically British sense of humour and tongue firmly lodged in cheek. Bravo.

And, for the perfect topping, the irony appears to be lost on our friends over the pond, with Fox News reporting that the campaign “…is painting all Americans as one big bunch of sports-lovin’, boot-wearin’, motorcycle-ridin’, big-hair-havin’ burger enthusiasts”. Sounds like they might have a bit of a chip on their shoulder, if you ask me, but that just makes it all the more rewarding. Now, who’s hungry?




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