Meet the team: Kay Overbury - Factor 3

Meet the team: Kay Overbury

  • A mugshot of Kay Overbury, Finance Manager at Factor 3 Communications



Kay Overbury

Favourite cocktail?

Cosmopolitan, no Woo Woo – I don’t know, please don’t make me choose! Ok, I’ll have one of each please.

Skirt or trousers?

They’re clothes, I love them all.

News of the world, Guardian or Telegraph?

Second hand Heat magazine, courtesy of the lovely Victoria!

What do you enjoy most about working for F3?

It’s opposite Hotel du Vin! Oh, and my colleagues are all lovely people (I was paid to say that!)

What do you do at Factor 3?

Today I fixed a broken dishwasher but my official job title is Finance & Production Manager which means I’m in charge of the company cheque book. Quite alarming considering my 20 a day shoe habit! I basically do anything and everything to support my extremely hard working colleagues (I was paid to say that bit too). If it needs doing, and it doesn’t appear in anyone else’s job description, I usually get the job!

Nickname if you have one?

Patsy, my friends think I share some of the same qualities as a certain character from Absolutely Fabulous (can’t see it myself).

Where do you come from?

Some people would say a different planet. I was born in Churchdown, raised in the Montpellier Wine Bar.


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