We've had our eyes on the mince pies! [Infographic]

We’ve had our eyes on the mince pies! [Infographic]

I’ve noticed in my years of working in design studios that one constant is the presence of the ‘snack table,’ I’m not sure what it is about creatives and their constant need for treats, but the two seem to go hand in hand.

So it came as no surprise when it was suggested that we instigate a pie eating survey. We have taken one (or seven) for the team – and you our loyal followers – to find the best mince pie around.

Each mince pie was judged on the following criteria:

  • Packaging (in an attempt to keep it relevant)
  • Initial appearance
  • Pastry quality
  • Over all taste
  • Filling
  • Added extras

It turns out that we are all very picky when it comes to the quality of our pies, not one got top marks, this doesn’t mean that the winner was not utterly delicious, we’re just perfectionists – which I think you’ll find is an excellent attribute for a design team to have!

For the sake of our waistlines we weren’t able to taste every pie in town, instead we’ve taken a pick from a variety of shops, covering budget, middle of the road and premium brands.


I was secretly pleased to see Whole Foods slip down the leader board, partly due to the fact that at almost £1 a pie, our expectations just weren’t fulfilled, whilst the underdog Aldi made it to a comfortable second place for its tasty £1.69 offering.

A point that is worth making, is that even though Lidl came last in the contest, their overtly flowery use of the English language when describing a humble pie is worth the £1.79 (for 12 pies) alone!!

So the winner of our Mince Pie Taste Test is Co-Op – who prove their strapline correct: they are indeed “Good with Food” (and in particular mince pies!)

A personal win for us was also that we turned Donna from a mince pie hater into a 75% enthusiast!!

Foot note: whilst writing this post I’ve been treated to a Patisserie Valerie mince pie, which I have to admit is the best yet, even if I did almost sprain my wrist lifting it!

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