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Being a mobile-centric brand: the latest challenge in engagement and how to tackle it

A recent global report launched by TNS stated that having a mobile site is not enough to keep up with mobile-centric consumers. And by mobile-centric consumers I don’t mean those hip young things that are glued to their iPhones and press door bells with their thumbs. I am talking about the true meaning of mobile-first.

Currently the world is split up into mobile-centric and pc-centric markets but that doesn’t mean that that there are two camps: Mobile vs PC. It means that the dominant device and how the consumers within that market prefer to incorporate that device into their daily lives are spilt, all across the world.

A diagram showing mobile-centric leading markets, mobile-centric despite multiple devices and mobile-centric follower markets

Despite the divide, in every market on earth people are spending a greater proportion of their time on connected devices on Mobile. In fact 36% of all the time spent using devices is on a mobile. Therefore it is important for brands to start to plan their mobile-centric strategies now because that figure will just keep growing.

But what does a mobile-centric consumer’s life look like?

“Mobile-centric consumers follow a different rhythm of media consumption: small moments of engagement, focused on specific tasks and apps, which take place almost continuously throughout the day and add up to a dominant share of time online.”

Source: Connected Life 2014 by TNS

Mobile-centric consumers use an average of 10 apps a day, each with their own role. Since the launch of the iPhone in June 2007 countless apps have been created but the ones that stay on the home screen are the ones that are of use to the consumer and serve to fulfil a need.

So what steps can brands actually undertake to be more mobile-centric other than just building a mobile site?

Here I’ll answer questions that I have been asked by some of my clients.

1. Should we build an app too?

As a brand it is important to understand your motivations for creating an app. Does it serve a purpose to your consumer? Would it be useful? If the answer is yes and you can keep up with the maintenance then it could be a good idea.

We recently created an app for our client Kensington Mortgages, which allows mortgage brokers access to a range of calculators that will give them top line figures even without an internet connection – perfect for when a broker is in a client meeting or working from home.

Other brands that have created useful apps successfully: Starbucks, Nike+ Move, Ikea

2. How do we create valuable content?

If you have the resources to create your own social or media platform and serve relevant and interesting news and entertainment bytes to your consumers, then that is one route to creating valuable content. In fact, brands like Red Bull do it extremely well.

But if you don’t have the resources to do that, and equally you want to move past press releases, you could consider teaming up with press titles that are creating mobile magazines where you can submit e-editorials on subjects that are relevant to your brand and consumers.

3. How can we get featured on popular apps or get in on the latest trend?

First do your research. What apps are your consumers using? This will influence your approach. Second, get creative.

  • Could you create a branded playlist on Spotify like Radio 1?
  • Could you create a Hyperlapse and share it on social like Disneyland?
  • Have you created a Vine yet like these brands?
  • Have you thought of creating a story on Snap Chat like E4?

Whichever way your brand decides to go, remember that you can’t do it all overnight. To be more mobile-centric you will need to shift your business and budgets around to suit your new strategy and that shouldn’t be rushed.

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