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Optimising your website for social media engagement

If you’re committed to using social media as part of your content marketing and SEO strategies, there are a few things that you can do to your website in order to compliment this activity.

  1. Create a page on your website which introduces your social community and networks. Let the user know what they should expect if they engage with you online. Make sure to include this page as part of your ideal user journey.
  2. Create a dynamic area on your website which is easy to add new content to, for example a blog, resource or knowledge centre.
  3. Allow comments and discussions. I’d recommend using DISQUS – this allows the user to comment on your content using an online avatar or social account. Be sure to review the moderation and advertising settings.
  4. Use bookmarking buttons for dynamic content. We love AddThis. It provides analytics and insights in to how your content is being shared online. Or alternatively, have social events hardcoded in to your site.
  5. Use social plugins to integrate social media deeper in to your site. There are many, but for example:
    • Facebook Register’ allows users to easily sign up for your website using their Facebook account. You can also harvest profile information and other information through doing this
    • Twitter widget – this acts as an activity feed for your tweets/#hashtags
  6. Use ‘Open Graph’ meta tags to make sure that your content has a title, description and thumbnail when shared across social networks.


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