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Painting Brand Pictures

In any brand defining session it always seems a quick win to compare the brand in question to a car, a supermarket, occasionally a celebrity and once, honestly, a biscuit (turned out to be a jammy dodger since you ask).

You know the kind of thing, we’re definitely the Volvo of our world – a safe choice but not dull with a history of innovation equality’.

‘We aspire to be the Waitrose of our sector. Ok, we’ve got some work to do no being a partnership, not having a clear brand promise, an industry leading supply chain or one team pulling in one direction but, as I say, it’s an aspiration’.

You get the picture. As useful as this may be to business (or useless depending on how sceptical you’re feeling) have you ever thought of trying it on yourself or colleagues?

What brand of car would you be? Myself, I’m aspiring to be a Lexus – refined, ultra reliable and easy to live with. In reality the BMW x 1 is probably closer to the marque. Looks the part in the country but really prefers the town, quite thirsty to run and it’s a bit bigger than it needs to be.

Give it a go.

We’ve definitely got a ‘hobnob’ in the office and a ‘Lidl’.

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