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Party planning

Every year we hold a Factor 3 summer party for staff and partners and this year was no exception. Held at our Creative Director’s house, a red brick pile in a quaint village in rural Gloucestershire, everything was planned with military precision by our very own Amanda.

There’s something about a party which turns usually professional, organised and sensible individuals into feral five year olds, pumped up on fruit shoots, who’ve been let loose in a sweet shop.

Firstly I was given the responsibility of getting people on the bus, ensuring it left on time and picked people up en route. Easy. The bus was due to leave at 7.15. I was late. Two other passengers were even later. In the meantime one person had got off the bus to make a phone call; he had to be tracked down and herded back onto the bus.

The bus driver wasn’t from Cheltenham and had no idea where he was going. I had to direct him.

Next. Collect two passengers from St Edwards School. Easy. St Edwards School is on two sites. I directed the driver to the wrong one. In the melee of the bus departure, I’d forgotten to text one member of staff to say we were on our way. Not surprisingly she wasn’t at the designated pick up spot. Panic. Luckily and randomly she was spotted and retrieved.

Upon arrival I realised that the directions I’d given staff driving to the party were slightly awry having told them the name of the house was Linden Lea. It is the name of a house. My friend’s house not my bosses house.

Several hastily erected signs later and the party was in full swing. Not a lot of food got eaten but copious amounts of wine, beer and vodka were drunk (well, it was quite a warm evening and everyone was terribly thirsty). In addition we had two pregnant ladies (important note: they were pregnant before then arrived, it wasn’t that sort of party); a profiterole fight with a member of staff and someone’s husband; girl wrestling; a rather unexpected pinball wizard (Prabha) and our digital development manager forcing vodka shots on everyone.

Not a bad induction for Gemma, our new account executive who was driving and has still turned up for her first day at Factor 3 today.

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