Prezi - Factor 3's approach as Prezi experts and designers

Prezi – our approach as Prezi experts

We have all been there… sat through a PowerPoint presentation wishing it was over, whilst the poor presenter works their way through a million slides. At Factor 3 we call this ‘death by PowerPoint’. But now there is a shiny new presentation tool that allows you to go off on a tangent, visually stimulate your audience and reveal the big picture.

Introducing the Prezi experts

Despite it being really quite cool, when we investigated Prezi in the Account Handling department, we realised that actually creating a Prezi that was up to the standards of the rest of the marketing material we create for our clients meant involving the ‘Creatives’. Much like building a house, creating a Prezi requires an architect, builder, interior designer, and then someone to live in it.

Prezi expert #1: The Architect

an illustration of a compass that a prezi architect would use

The Prezi Architect’s role is to conceive the big idea (or concept) as the overall canvas. The Creative Director has this task.

Prezi expert/s #2: The Builder(s)

an illustration of a hard hat that a Prezi builder would use

The Builder’s role is performed by an Art Director and your Account Handler who will take the big idea and translate it into a concept that works in both Prezi and the parameters of the client brief.

Prezi expert #3: The Interior Designer

an illustration of a colour swatch book that a Prezi interior designer might use

Just like any other piece of marketing communication, it’s important for Prezi presentations to remain true to the business’ brand. Specifying and locking down a house style is vital – colour of backgrounds, colour and size of text, etc.

The Inhabitant aka the client

an illustration of a client / inhabitant in their new house

Within Prezi, determining the path through the presentation that is appropriate to your audience – including content, amending text, updating key figures and adding relevant reference links are all things that the individual can and should be able to do. This is where we give the client freedom to make these changes. We also provide training if they are new to using Prezi.

To get the best out of Prezi, you need a big idea to really set the scene and the messaging for the audience. For many of our clients, conceptualising big ideas for one presentation is not something they have the time or the resources to focus on in-house. So they rely on our Prezi experts to create presentations and templates in Prezi, which are synonymous with their brands yet still have the WOW factor.

That is why the Creative Director and the Prezi experts here in the studio at Factor 3 work on our Prezis; there is always a clever idea and creativity behind every Prezi we create – it still needs the Factor 3 stamp of approval after all.

If you are interested in Factor 3 saving you from a death by PowerPoint, take a look at one that we’ve created here, or get in touch!


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