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The promise we make to every client

If you’ve ever worked or met with us, you’ll know that we’re pretty relentless in our belief that ‘a brand is a promise consistently delivered’. Let’s call you Company X. If you’re out there confusing customers with inconsistent service (that doesn’t necessarily mean bad service), they won’t know what you really stand for or offer them. And if they’re ever asked “What do you think of Company X?”, their answer will be confused and not what you hope to become famed for in order to grow your business through repeat business and word of mouth.

We have a great team in place at Factor 3 right now (maybe our best ever), and so the time was right recently to reappraise our own brand and capture all of those water cooler conversations about why clients like working with us and what makes us who we are. After a meticulous and collaborative process, we have determined that our brand essence – the DNA that defines us – is ‘Enjoynuity’. That’s not a typo; it’s a creative mashup between watchwords at Factor 3: enjoyment and ingenuity.

Here, the search for successful solutions is enjoyable and rewarding. And, to every task, from strategy and copywriting to brand insight, SEO and design, we bring real ingenuity – an ‘inventive talent’ that turns an issue into an opportunity.

We then translated ‘what we are’ into ‘what you get’ to create a proposition to our clients and prospects of:

An image showing Factor 3's proposition "Winning made more fun"


  • Because our business is making success for our clients enjoyable.
  • Because we believe that ‘winning’ and ‘fun’ don’t have to be mutually exclusive; in fact one without the other is pointless.
  • Because winning should come first – this isn’t a game – but it’s important to enjoy the journey.
  • Because winning means success in whatever it is you’re doing – ROI, delivery, successful launch, etc. – achieving ‘mission accomplished’ in whatever form that takes, big or small.
  • Because ‘more fun’ is relative. It doesn’t just mean enjoyment and humour; it means easier, more relaxed, more efficient, sharing openly, a common understanding, socialising, etc.
  • Because success is the goal, but good people enjoying what they do maximises everyone’s potential to achieve it.

Delivering this promise is the apt way to pay back our clients for the trust they place in us. And, in a happy twist of coincidence, contributing to making our clients successful, and enjoying the process to boot, works for us too.

We’ll be starting to bring this to life in our environment, in our presentations and in our actions, so that everyone has a visible and constant reminder of what we’re striving to achieve. That way, we can ensure this all important promise is delivered consistently to our clients, time after time after time after time after…

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Yes is the answer. Even if not directly, we can always point you in the right direction. But chances are that with our broad experience across the branding, digital and marketing spectrums, we can help you to win and make it fun along the way.

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