Q&A: Ade's 20 years at F3 [VIDEO] - Factor 3

Q&A: Ade’s 20 years at F3 [VIDEO]

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A lot can happen over the course of 20 years; in fact, 20 years ago a couple of members of our team were not long potty trained, and certainly not yet savvy in the ways of hard selling and hard drinking. So after 20 years of Factor 3, we decided to sit down with Adrian (our Creative Director and one third of the original architects of the business), open a beautiful bottle of Sancerre with slight undertones of lemongrass and a note of asparagus – I digress, basically we tried to get him drunk and ask him some questions.

If there’s something you’ve been itching to ask Ade that we haven’t covered like ‘How are babies made?’ or ‘What colour shoes do you wear with a blue suit?’, just send your question to us on social using the hashtag #F320.

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