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Book review: The Better Mousetrap

  • The Better Mousetrap by Simon Pont

I read a lot…admitted mainly fiction. Nothing appeals to me more than sitting out in the garden on a lovely summer afternoon with a good book and a glass of something fizzy!

When it comes to work-related reading the appeal is not always quite so strong. However, once in a while a book comes along that really catches your attention.  I came across The Better Mousetrap – Brand Invention in a Media Democracy by Simon Pont when asked to critique the book for the Cambridge Marketing Review.

In today’s agency environment, it’s not enough to simply understand a bit about ‘branding’ or ‘digital’ so I was hoping for something that would bring both worlds together – explain the relationship and the impact felt by these two worlds colliding.  When I started reading, I hoped there would be a couple of interesting points to note down and maybe share with colleagues. What surprised me most was that the book had my attention from day one. I don’t have one note to share with colleagues – I’ve got pages of them.

The book is split into 3 sections covering branding, the customer and the media landscape. Thought-provoking content, complemented by a mixture of great quotes, diagrams and examples – inspires readers to look beyond the everyday norm.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone working in the agency world today.  From an agency perspective it’s easy to get swept along in the ‘all things digital’ whirlwind, when the reality, which is summed up very neatly in the book is that, primarily the game has stayed the same (encouraging people to love and buy brands)…it’s just the field of play that keeps changing.

To read my full review please visit the Cambridge Marketing College website  and download a copy of the magazine (£15).

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