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The to do list.

On Tuesday 5 July I received an email entitled ‘blog content strategy’. It was an internal email and didn’t relate to a client, contain the word URGENT or any exclamation marks – so I ignored it. (Sorry Alice).

The following day I passed the staff notice board and spotted a sheet of paper with the words ‘content strategy’. I noticed my name buried in the text and resolved to read that email I’d been sent. I didn’t. (Sorry Alice).

A couple of days later I was reminded that my blog was due next week. I promised it would be ready and duly made a mental note to read ‘that email and find out what it is they’re obviously expecting me to do’.

I then added it to my ‘to do list’.

An account handlers TDL is anything from 10-25 items long, is split into ‘DO NOW!!!!!!!’, ‘Do Today!’ and ‘do tomorrow if you get chance’. I always seem to start the day with a plan to clear at the very least the NOW and Today items, with the naïve hope that I’ll make some headway into the tomorrow bits.
It never happens.

As each day starts new NOW items sneak in via meetings, phone and email storming to the top of the to do list and pushing everything else further down the page and giving the account handler a little frisson of panic and pleasure.

Seemingly the to do list is like a Willy Wonker Gobstopper – never ending. Regardless of whether you work late, come in early or spend the weekend at your desk, there are always at least 10 items on the list.

Write a blog started as ‘do tomorrow if you get chance’, 10 days later, 4 days overdue and a couple of polite reminders, it’s DO NOW!!!!!!!!!

And now it’s done, I can cross it off my list.


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