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Twinings – ‘Gets you back to you’

I really like this ad. I was sat watching telly with my friend the other evening, and during the break this ad came on, and shortly after she said that she thought it was beautiful.

Now, after having watched it a couple of times and having thought about it, I get it. However bad your day gets, a cup of tea will help you get you back to being you…

I guess this makes sense to us Brits – drinking tea is after all a quintessentially English tradition. We get home from a hard days graft and we make a cup of tea. When you’re feeling down, friends invite you over for a chat and a cuppa…

The idea came from research that identified women are juggling 6.2 jobs on a daily basis (friend, cook, housekeeper, mother, wife, employee, colleague, daughter, lover, agony aunt, driver and personal assistant) as opposed to a man’s 4.7 jobs (friend, driver, repair/handyman and father). Apparently, a third of women start overeating or turn to wine as a way of coping with their stress. From this, the idea of ‘Taking 10’ was born. Twinings whole campaign is centred on women taking 10 minutes out of their day to enjoy a cup of tea, which will help control their stress levels and in turn help them feel more like themselves.

So back to the ad, I guess the reason I like it so much is because of the emotive and familiar soundtrack, Wherever You Will Go, by Charlene Soraia (originally sung by The Calling). The music is complimented by the stunning animation which was put together by Advertising Agency, AMV BBDO, UK. The animation depicts a woman struggling in a rowing boat out at sea. The conditions worsen, she loses her ores and it looks bleak when out of the water come birds that carry her and her boat to safety. She is greeted by herself on the calm and beautiful shore and by changing the angle they merge both bodies in to one, with a cup of tea in hand…hopefully you get the point, without having to explain it further?

This ad was first aired during an X Factor break – with a demographic of mainly housewives and children, and an average audience size of 10M. Since the launch the ad has been viewed on YouTube 1,080,174 (in four weeks), and the full version of the song has had 1,109,081 YouTube views.

Similar to this advert is The Churned’s ‘Forever’ music video by Yeo Valley, this again was launched during an X Factor ad, and is also available to buy from ITunes. The only difference is that I keep seeing the Twinings ad, whereas Yeo Valley spent their whole budget on the one ad appearing in prime time advertising space.

I personally am a PG Tips gal, and however beautiful the animation, I am loyal to them. However, I would like to thank them for introducing me to Charlene Soraia. If, like me you like her voice you can download the song here.


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