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Twitter’s new profile design

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One thing that differentiated Twitter from Facebook was its simple and easy to use interface. However, Twitter have rolled out a new profile design (very similar to Facebook’s) in the past week. It’s available for all new accounts and is being rolled out to existing users over the next couple of weeks.

Key features of Twitter’s new profile design

Best Tweets

Tweets that receive the most engagement will appear slightly larger, giving more prominence to your best content.

Pinned Tweets

You can now pin Tweets so that they appear at the top of your profile (sound familiar?)

Filtered Tweets

When viewing other profiles, you can filter by Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.

Image dimensions for Twitter’s new profile design

1500px x 500px – cover photo

400px x 400px – new profile picture

If you need any help designing your new Twitter profile please get in touch.

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