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Walking the talk

We all understand the definition of a brand as being ‘a promise consistently delivered’. But the real proof of whether that promise is being consistently delivered lies in the day-to-day experiences and interactions that a customer has with that brand.

Companies invest £millions to make sure that their messaging and image to external audiences is right…but what about internal audiences?

Employees, on the whole, are responsible for making sure that promise is delivered – so what happens if they don’t deliver?

In today’s ‘connected’ world, one bad experience with your brand can be shared instantaneously – immediately putting your brand promise into question. Admittedly the opposite should also be true, but the reality is, we rarely share our good experiences…preferring to dine out on the bad.

Internal communications is not about creating a logo or a strapline. It should be about driving employee engagement. Helping to inspire and motivate employees – connecting them to the organisation. Engaged employees are the ones who will deliver on your brand promise. A vision is only a vision, a goal is only a goal and a strategy is only a strategy until people act on them.

Good internal communications can:

  • Create a positive ‘can-do’ culture
  • Increase morale and motivation within the workforce
  • Encourage staff to advocate on your behalf
  • Help implement the sharing of information and ideas amongst staff
  • Provide better customer service (informed staff will respond quicker and be more confident when dealing with customer queries)

Developing an internal communications plan is a strategic process, and requires the same amount of effort and thinking that goes into developing an external communications plan. With the correct process in place and a clear objective to work towards, an organisation will be able to develop a sound, effective internal brand.


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