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When words fail you…try Scrabble!

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Creating names for products and brands has always been a creative challenge but is now an increasingly fraught undertaking.

Each eureka moment is often strangled in the throat by a rising sigh of disappointment as a quick search on 123 Reg reveals your carefully crafted new moniker has already been dot.com’ed and dot.uk’ed.

What was always a ‘needle in a haystack’ task has been made ever more demanding by the internet.

It is estimated that 98% of words in the dictionary are already registered as URLs, so names and spellings need to get ever more creative to find ‘clear water’. And that’s before the trademark attorneys wade in.

With still only 26 letters available to arrange in new ways (now there’s a proper creative challenge – invent the 27th letter!) we often turn to Scrabble (definition: to grope around with one’s fingers to find something) to help us in the search.

By using or ignoring common letter groupings and guided by the brand strategy, it is possible to use the tiles as stepping stones to fresh names and distinctive spellings.

Try it – it really wurx.

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