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Work experience as an Account Executive [Infographic]

It suddenly dawned on me that out of everyone we have given work experience to in the time that I have been here (15 months to be precise), only two people applied to work in client servicing.

The drive is always towards the studio; art direction or copywriting. I can’t blame them, creativity is alluring. It’s what makes the advertising industry so great. But behind every great piece of advertising, is a great brief. And it’s not the art director that writes the brief.

In client servicing, you need to speak two languages. That of the client, and that of the agency. You have to be able to strategize, rationalise, socialise and more. It is a fine art this business, and one that is pretty entertaining. So if you are thinking of joining the advertising industry and looking for work experience, don’t discount the client servicing side of the advertising world.

Here is a snapshot of the work I did as an Account Executive in an infographic of my first year in the agency. I do much more, but this is the average type of work an Account Executive in any agency would do. Plus a little bit about cakes.

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An infographic to show a year in the life of an account executive at Factor 3

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