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Great feedback from work experience

George – currently a year 12 student at Pate’s Grammar School – recently applied for work experience with our account handling team to help him formulate his future career plans. Having already completed a spell with another agency, he came armed with some knowledge of the business, an enthusiastic attitude and some great outfits – regularly out smarting everyone in the agency!

During the week he spent with us he worked on, and successfully contributed to, a number of live projects for some of our key clients including video production, proofing key collateral and brochure ware, reviewing budget updates and generating consumer advertising ideas.

“Hi Vic,

Hope everything is going well. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you for such a brilliant time at Factor 3. I can’t fault any of you on anything; there was always an abundance of help and advice available to me whenever I needed it. Throughout all departments I felt welcomed and was able to learn a lot due to the one-on-one workshops and shadowing, so in particular, thanks to Ed, Gemma, Mike, Prabha, Donna, Nick and to you for those.

As I said when I was with you, there’s only so much that you can learn in the classroom, and coming into an establishment such as Factor 3 enabled me to put the theory that I’d earned at school into context. I am sure that what I learned during my time with you will be of use as I continue my Business Studies A-Level, especially next year when we are asked to provide personal experiences as examples in our A2 exam.

My week with you was extremely advantageous also in terms of career choices, as it enhanced my desire to follow a marketing path. Although I’m still going to aim to keep my options open, the chance to get such a detailed insight into the industry has been a massive help.

My favourite aspect of the week was being able to get involved with actual client interactions and projects. Admittedly, prior to the week I was expecting to be given maybe an old or fictitious case study, but the opportunity to work on real briefs was great. It made me feel a part of the business and the chance to contribute even just a small part to a couple of projects that I’m sure will become very successful was absolutely fantastic.

Once again, thank you very much, and I hope to maybe see you again sometime soon.


We really enjoyed having him at Factor 3 and look forward to welcoming more students like him on our work experience programme. If you’d like to apply for a place in 2015, you can find out more here.

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