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Work experience with Factor 3, Cheltenham

My name is Laura Smith. I am currently 20 years old and am a second year student at the University of Gloucestershire.

I live in Cheltenham when studying, but Bristol is the place I like to call home, and oh how good it is to go home in order to get a decent meal!

When I finish University I would like to gain as much experience as I can in the advertising world and follow the path until I find the right job for me.

Advertising is what I am studying and it is definitely the right choice for me. I couldn’t imagine what my world would be like without being able to express my creativity…pretty boring probably.

I wanted to do a work experience placement at Factor3 as I had been to the agency previously with other second years and was assessed for one of my modules. I gained a feel for the place and felt it would be a good way to gain vital information and knowledge about their workplace and the industry. Also last time we completed a piece of work for them we walked away with a bottle of wine each…fingers crossed aye! 🙂

In order to secure the placement we dropped Adrian an email simply kindly asking if he would take us on for a week placement, to which he agreed!

We were briefed on the Monday and told what our assignment for the week would be.

The task: To create an online and offline campaign (Email and Direct Marketing) to enhance sales for office suppliers, Office Team.

The week has been insightful and enjoyable. It has given me the opportunity to gain much needed knowledge about the workplace, knowledge that will be extremely helpful toward my degree. I have learnt more about the stages in which the creative process goes through in order to get to the finished product and how many people are involved in said process. I have also learnt that time management is key in order for the day to run smoothly.

For more information or to apply for a work experience placement, please click here.

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