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Integrated campaign

Owned by Allegion, Briton is one of those wonderful brands that basically invented its industry, whose name is synonymous with its product and on a par with Hoover’s relation to vacuum cleaners. We took great pleasure in reminding the industry of just how good it really is.

What was involved?

  • Design
  • Direct Mail
  • Trade Ad

Approached originally to market a new range of door closers from renowned heritage door closer brand Briton, on meeting the team we soon established the project had far greater potential. Tied hand in hand with the history of door closers, a period of complacency had resulted in a powerful brand seeming dormant in a newly competitive market.

By understanding the ins and outs of consumer perceptions of Briton, we created a layered campaign of activity addressing a new look, new approach and new products, all under the campaign idea of ‘The dawn of a new great Briton’. The activity was painstakingly planned and coordinated, beginning with emails and followed by a letter, before anyone saw a single piece of product based DM, advertising or sales follow up.

Example of work done by Factor 3

Launch Ad

Example of work done by Factor 3

Flipbook Direct Mail

Example of work done by Factor 3

Launch Letter

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