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Integrated campaign

Educating the student market about the need to protect their beloved gadgets provided some unique insights into the lifestyles and media choices of this diverse and transient audience group.

What was involved?

  • Exhibition Stand Design
  • Literature
  • Promotional Incentives

Gone are the days of heading to uni with a duffel bag of clothes, a copy of Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the road’ and a pen and paper. It has been estimated that each individual now turns up with an average of £1,900 worth of tech gadgets and devices, but does not necessarily understand the need for insurance, until something goes wrong. And we wanted to change that…

Attending over 100 freshers’ fairs across the country each year provides the unique opportunity for Endsleigh to meet their audience one on one. In anticipation of this we created an informative but imaginative campaign to run before, during and after the freshers’ events. Designed specifically to appeal to the social media savvy nature of our audience, every communication funnelled students towards ‘The Hub’ – an online, one-stop portal containing information and advice to help students and parents prepare for all aspects of university life.

Example of work done by Factor 3

Freshers Fair Give Away

Example of work done by Factor 3

Promo Flyer

Example of work done by Factor 3

Banner Stands

Winning made more fun

We worked closely with the Endsleigh student markets team to improve our understanding of their hugely transient target audience. We even seconded our Digital Marketing Manager to Endsleigh to help in shaping and creating the Hub’s content strategy. By the start of the autumn term, Facebook was referring 50% of the overall traffic to The Hub. This demonstrated the value of social media and content marketing, and helped inform Endsleigh’s recruitment policy in support of this critical function.

Yes is the answer. Even if not directly, we can always point you in the right direction. But chances are that with our broad experience across the branding, digital and marketing spectrums, we can help you to win and make it fun along the way.

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