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Helping intermediaries is a key focus of our work with Kensington, and we’re always on the look out for better ways to make their working lives easier.

What was involved?

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Kensington relies on carving a niche built upon providing a more inclusive, understanding service. To demonstrate their commitment to aiding open and easy applications, they asked us to develop an effective way of providing intermediaries with mortgage tools on the move.

It was important for Kensington to continually reinforce the idea of being there for intermediaries, which meant developing an app available on any device and in any situation. The idea of having all the tools you need with you all the time led to the name ‘Kensington ToolKit’. We built a pair of native apps and developed a short redirect URL that automatically directs the individual device to the appropriate app store. By building the ‘Kensington ToolKit’ native to iOS and android technology, we ensured the best user experience, with functionality that didn’t require an internet connection.

Example of work done by Factor 3

The Kensington Toolkit App

Winning made more fun

By creating a property out of ‘Kensington ToolKit’, we were able to establish an app that reinforced the Kensington brand without alienating general usage by intermediaries. The beautiful simplicity and effectiveness of the app so perfectly reflected the way Kensington hoped to be perceived that it became campaignable; providing engaging email content, competitions and digital ads, as well as providing interactivity to Kensington’s exhibition stands.

Yes is the answer. Even if not directly, we can always point you in the right direction. But chances are that with our broad experience across the branding, digital and marketing spectrums, we can help you to win and make it fun along the way.

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