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As a company that contributes so much to the smooth running of this country’s essential services, Telent wasn’t exploiting its enviable reputation for innovation.

What was involved?

  • Online Copywriting
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO
  • Strapline

As a leader in technology infrastructures, Telent recognised that their website was not an accurate reflection of its lead in advanced support to essential services, its record of innovation and the ‘talent of Telent’, a phrase Factor 3 coined in responding to the brief which the company put out to pitch.

We created a website which focuses on the passion and expertise of Telent’s people, under the banner ‘Talent with Technology’.

The site was built with a scrolling parallax design which simplifies to a responsive mobile site, enabling users to find and move through content effortlessly.

Example of work done by Factor 3

Responsive Website

Example of work done by Factor 3

Responsive Website

Winning made more fun

Like a number of B2B companies we work with, Telent has no specialist marketers at senior management or board level. So the responsibility for the new website fell to a group representing HR, Sales and Operations, marshalled by the F3 team and an internal consultant.

Throughout the project, we received incredibly positive feedback on how refreshing the planning meetings were, how enjoyable people found them and how much everyone looked forward to each session.

Those enjoyable meetings translated into an increase in peak daily sessions of 62.7%.

Yes is the answer. Even if not directly, we can always point you in the right direction. But chances are that with our broad experience across the branding, digital and marketing spectrums, we can help you to win and make it fun along the way.

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