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Sub-brand Campaign

Perhaps our most visually arresting campaign yet for Wavin, presenting them as the perfect construction partner.

What was involved?

  • Advertising
  • Email
  • Literature
  • Powerpoint
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Website

Wavin planned a key strategic move to engage higher up the decision chain of major construction initiatives, simultaneously establishing Wavin as more than a leading manufacturer of water management products and locking in valuable specifications earlier in build projects.

With a considerable investment in manpower to support the service, our solution needed to quickly earn attention, establish credibility and open doors for the project sales team.

Our proposition was to present Wavin as the perfect complement to our audience’s own expertise, helping to eliminate avoidable costs and achieve the best built outcome.

The first challenge was to name the initiative. ActivPartnering was the result – a great umbrella for the know-how and proactive support Wavin was making available.

The second creative leap was to realise that what we were selling was a better outcome – and for architects and owners that translates as a better building. One that is less hassle to build and that functions better. So, rather than feature the water management products Wavin makes, we focussed on the buildings they enable and how, with Wavin on board, water is literally made more constructive. This is brought to life in a series of immersive images where water speeds the completion of the planned building.

Example of work done by Factor 3

Trade Ads

Example of work done by Factor 3


Example of work done by Factor 3


Example of work done by Factor 3


Example of work done by Factor 3

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Winning made more fun

Under other Wavin projects we have talked about the team’s commitment to marketing, and ActivPartnering is further proof that trust and partnership pay dividends.


Throughout the campaign we worked with Neil, National Business Development Manager for Wavin, to get under the skin of what was needed. Check out his starring role in the ActivPartnering video alongside the acting debut of our very own Mike Rice.


“This is to confirm the £108k net AquaCell Plus order. Between all our efforts we have secured a substantial order and demonstrated how ActivPartnering works across the business.” Chris Bruton, Project Sales Manager, Wavin


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