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Introducing Alice


Digital Marketing Manager by day, wino by night. I work in the digital department and I’m also known as the social media manager, analyst, email marketer, content strategist, webmaster and campaign manager. You can normally hear me coming way before you see me!


I spend a lot of time learning, using and then teaching best practice across an array of digital marketing platforms, social networks, cms and analytics tools.

One constant in the digital environment is change, which means I never have time to become bored of any online marketing channel (other than Facebook and its many boasters and braggers). Working for a full service, integrated marketing agency like Factor 3 has taught me the value of each marketing discipline, how they complement each other and the importance of delivering consistent, on-brand messaging through these channels.

I love thinking up ideas for new engaging content – and then watching the interactions / results happen in real time. Yes, I have the Google Analytics app installed on my phone. Sad eh?


I live with my husband Graham and our daughter Darcey. When I’m not at work I’m busy being a 'Mummy' or out with our friends. When I can, I love to enjoy photography, the great outdoors, making stuff (baking, knitting, sewing, flower arranging, and decorating) and playing practical jokes.

I also hate bananas.

So What's Alice Been Up To?

I've worked on a huge number of projects since I've been here. Here are just a few of my favourites

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