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Introducing Jordan


My role at Factor 3 is Web Developer, straddling both the Front and Back-end. The great thing about this, is that it gives me the ability help on a wider array of projects.


I think my talent lies in my multi-disciplined approach to development. The fact that I choose to work on either the Front-end or Back-end – rather than specialising in one – provides me with a greater understanding of the bigger picture and the opportunity to work on more projects.

I set myself high standards when coding, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right” as my university lecturer would say.

I also love DJ’ing (Yes I learnt on vinyl). Trance and Hard House is what I love to play and listen to when I can.


Outside of Factor 3 my life is dominated by my family – a lovely wife and two kids (7 months old / 3 years old). On the weekend I take my son to Rugby Tots / Swimming lessons and also take him out and about. All this while the wife is at work with the baby.

I love my Motorsport (Moto GP / F1 / BTCC / British Superbikes) and love my rugby (Gloucester & England) which has now been passed on to my son also.

On the odd occasion I return to DJ’ing when family time allows me, but if not you can catch me learning and playing tech in the evenings.

So What's Jordan Been Up To?

I've worked on a huge number of projects since I've been here. Here are just a few of my favourites

The Rest Of The Team

As we all know, there's no I in team. Meet the rest of Factor 3

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