Kay - Finance Manager at Factor 3 Cheltenham

Introducing Kay


Officially, my job title is Finance & Production Manager. I make sure Factor 3’s books are balanced, press ads arrive with publications in the correct format and size, and print jobs are delivered to our clients on time. Unofficially, dishwasher/printer/copier/central-heating engineer. Yes, if it goes wrong in this building, it’s usually me that gets tasked with sorting it out. I love the diversity of my role and wouldn’t change a thing about it.


Most of my working life has been spent with a calculator in my hand; adding up and taking away has always been my passion and I’m never happier than when I’m chasing people for receipts or drowning in spreadsheets. Some people would say obsessive, I call it fun!


I love my home and garden, which makes me sound a bit dull. But mix that with equal measures of a fantastic family and friends, a love of parties and socialising, and copious amounts of chilled white wine (my husband says the only reason I know where the kitchen is is because it’s where we keep the wine), and I’m pleased to say dull is a word that I rarely find myself associated with!

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