Mike Rice - Managing Partner Factor 3 Cheltenham

Introducing Mike


I’m proud to be an account handler by trade. It’s not the glamorous side of the ad world (I’m not a creative), but I love the industry and the buzz of creating work that always delights clients and occasionally wins awards. I’m one of five ninja account folk at F3: as an account director I’m one of the more experienced, but each of us possesses unique skills and we work in a way that enables every client to get the best from us collectively, irrespective of who is the main point of contact. If I hadn’t found Factor 3, I would have set up an agency just like it.


I think I’m pretty good at looking after clients: their best interests, their budgets, their timing dependencies and their sanities. I’m a brand enthusiast, too; crafting a new one is stretching and exciting, and people’s voluntary and involuntary responses to them are fascinating and powerful. I’m also renowned for being pernickety, but I see that as a talent. Show me a needle-sized error in a haystack and I’ll find it (I’ve really set myself up for a fall there). And I guess seeing pernicketyness (if that’s not a word, then it should be) as a talent means I’m fairly positive and optimistic, too.


I have an unhealthy obsession with the English language, but I don’t read anywhere near enough. And I have a healthy obsession with real ale, but I don’t drink anywhere near enough. Last but not least, I have an amazing family made up of a son, a dog, a wife and a daughter in equal measure (and any order, depending on the moment). They drive me (or maybe it’s ‘drag me’) to get up in the morning and do what I do. They’re a time-consuming bunch, and the blame for me not being able to read or drink enough lies entirely at their door, but I’m still in awe of them every day.

So What's Mike Been Up To?

I've worked on a huge number of projects since I've been here. Here are just a few of my favourites

The Rest Of The Team

As we all know, there's no I in team. Meet the rest of Factor 3

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