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Hamper Scamper 2016: Applause for CCP

For the second year, we were delighted to support CCP’s Hamper Scamper appeal at Christmas.

Hamper Scamper is CCP’s Christmas Giving Scheme, designed to spread a little cheer to some of the most disadvantaged children, young people, families and vulnerable adults in Gloucestershire at Christmas.

Hamper Scamper relies on the generosity of donors and volunteers and represents an ideal opportunity for individuals, organisations and corporate groups to get involved in supporting disadvantaged people in our local communities.

Our staff members donated food, presents and their time, either by volunteering to wrap presents, encourage people to donate at supermarkets or filling donation boxes here at Royal House.

We’re very proud of our contribution, and of what CCP managed to achieve. Well done.

Check out the following slideshow to see the results (and some random donations) …

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